The entrepreneur Dilson Pereira da Silva founds the Arcom, with storage area of ​​200 m2. The business would act as Wholesale Distributor, aiming to attend the needs of the retail trade with agility and efficiency.



After 4 years of its foundation having achieved its excellence in service and delivery, Arcom opened its first own headquarters with 1,500 m2.



Arcom moves to its 2nd headquarters, with a storage area of ​​9,000 m2.



Due to the strong business growth, Arcom extends its headquarters to an area of ​​more than 62,000 m2, ensuring a perfect integration between the industry and the consumer market.



With more than 1500 employees, 2100 sales representatives, 120 telesales operators and 800 trucks, our team is the most committed ever to serve our more than 220 thousand customers in 16 states in Brazil. ARCOM, today, has the capacity of 620,000 m3 and 85,000 pallets, in perfect conditions of movement and deposit.

Own brands: Dentil, IsaBaby and StarLux.

Exclusive brands: Energizer, Eveready, Schick, Fructis, Banana Boat, Trim, Bozzano shavers and Winner.


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